The British Jazz Awards

British Jazz Awards 2012: The Winners!


Thanks to everyone who came to the British Jazz Awards presentation at The Concorde Club last night. An enjoyable evening of music and speeches was had by all, with an excellent on stage jam with the winners to round it off. A full report will follow shortly but in the mean time, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the winners!


1.Enrico Tomasso

2.Guy Barker

3.Bruce Adams

4.Henry Lowther

5.Jamie Brownfield


1.Mark Nightingale

2.Dennis Rollins

3.Roy Williams

4.Ian Bateman

5.Mark Bassey


1.Alan Barnes

2.Julian Marc Stringle

3.Tony Coe

4.Mark Crooks

5.Adrian Cox

Alto Saxophone

1.Alan Barnes

2.Derek Nash

3.Peter King

4.Nigel Hitchcock

5.Paul Towndrow

Tenor Saxophone

1.Karen Sharp

2.Bobby Wellins

3.Simon Spillet

4.Robert Fowler

5.Liam Byrne


1.Dave Newton

2.Nikki Iles

3.Kit Downes

4.Craig Milverton

5.Tom Kincaid


1.Martin Taylor

2.Jim Mullen

3.Dominic Ashworth

4.Dave Cliff

5.Nigel Price


1.Alec Dankworth

2.Dave Green

3.Andy Cleyndert

4.Len Skeat

5.Al Swainger


1.Steve Brown

2.Seb De Krom

3.Bobby Worth

4.Ralph Salmins

5.Alyn Cosker


1.Courtney Pine (Soprano Sax)

2.Jim Hart (Vibraphone)

3.Alan Barnes (Baritone Sax)

4.Christian Garrick (Violin)

5.Mike Piggott (Violin)


1.Liane Carroll

2.Claire Martin

3.Liz Fletcher

4.Val Wiseman

5.Heather Cairncross

Rising Star

1.Jamie Brownfield

2.Amy Roberts

3.James Maddren

4.Lewis Wright

Big Band



3.Back To Basie

4.Beats And Pieces

5.Voice Of The North Jazz Orchestra

Small Group

1.Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen

2.Brass Jaw


4.The Great Wee Band

5.Brownfield Byrne Quintet

New Album

1.Jazzizit for Derek Nash Acoustic Quartet: Joyriding

2.Trio for Karen Sharp: Spirit

3.ECM for John Surman: Saltash Bells

4.Blue Note for Great Wee Band: Light Blue

5.Bear Paw for Heather Cairncross: At Last

Reissued Album

1.Avid for Stan Tracey: Leader and Sideman

2.Lake for Bruce Turner: Accent On Swing

3.Proper for The Joe Harriott Story

4.Lake for British Traditional Jazz: A Potted History

5.Fontana for Tubby Hayes: 100% Proof


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