StarCity Swing Session

No Birmingham Jazz Festival is complete without a jam session, for it all began with the now-legendary M&B Jam Session of 1984 in Cannon Hill Park when an all-star line-up fronted by Humphrey Lyttelton recorded an award-winning album and provided the inspiration for the Festival which duly launched the following year. A young pretender to Humph’s crown was one of the stars of that long-ago memorable evening of great jazz, one Digby Fairweather, who has now stepped into Humph’s shoes as one of the finest UK jazz trumpet players, and also as Patron of the Jazz Festival. In recent years StarCity has proved the ideal venue for these Jam Sessions which owe much to the formula devised by Buck Clayton, and are not wild thrashes dominated by musical gymnastics but are extremely musical affairs with everyone playing for each other. This year’s line-up is the usual judicious mix of the best of British Jazzers: Digby Fairweather and Ben Cummings (trumpets), Alan Barnes (clarinet/saxes), Roy Williams and Mark Nightingale (trombones), Brian Dee (piano), Len Skeat (bass) and Steve Brown (drums).

7pm, StarCity, Friday 5th.