Chick Willis – “Things I Used To Do” (CD)




£12 including VAT and postage within the UK, at £14 including postage for Europe and £16 for the Rest Of World.

The album, “Things I Used To Do” by Chick Willis was recorded by Big Bear in 1997 and since July 2020 it has been available by streaming and downloading, and it has to be said, the media response has been more than impressive.

“I love this album” – Martin Kirby, The Flash on Air

“It’s crazy, but this is an end to end player, there is nothing you’re going to skip” – Graham Munn, Rhythm & Blues

“It’s an album with excellent blues songs that have stood the test of time without any problems.” – Freddy Celis, Rootstime

“This is a great album” – Norwegian Blues News

We are delighted to now be able present this important album on CD with 12-page booklet included.

I would like to invite you to join us in Keeping The Blues Alive.