Jazz Miniatures with Giedrė Kilčiauskienė

Giedre 5

One of the big successes of last year‘s Birmingham International Jazz and Blues Festival, Giedrė Kilčiauskienė returns this year with her full band. Giedrė, who was well-known in Lithuania and abroad as the lead vocalist of hip and extremely popular electro-punk bands Milky Lasers and Empty for some years, has recently switched to acoustic jazz settings with Jazz Miniatures. She adds intelligence and taste to a marvellous voice of unique sweet timbre, bright and wide palette, perfect pitch and controlled power. Pianist and arranger Andrej Polevikov, her regular collaborator who appeared with her at Birmingham 2013, is joined in Jazz Miniatures by Vytis Nivinskas (bass) and Darius Rudis (drums). The Jazz Miniatures quartet has just released their first CD Jazz Miniatures.

See them during the 2014 Birmingham International Jazz Festival:

Monday 21st July – 12:00 – St Paul’s Churchyard – Free Entry

Tuesday 22nd July – 14:00 – Hagley Road Village – £3.50

Tuesday 22nd July – 18:30 – Fiesta Del Asado  – FREE ENTRY

Wednesday 23rd July – 12:30 – Brasshouse – Free Entry