Waqar Azam


Job Role: Marketing, promotions, press, strategies, social media management and general Big Bear stuff At Big Bear since September 2011

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Born and bred in Birmingham - Recent Advertising and Marketing graduate - Self diagnosed Facebook and Twitter addict-aspiring music executive and billionaire.


Good music (eclectic taste from current to old school: rock, hip hop and pop. Currently going through a phase of electro, indie, grime and Dubstep) Good food (Thai, Indian, Chinese and of course my mum’s) travelling (so far I’ve visited some places in Europe, USA, South America, South Asia, The Middle East and more recently The Far East) meeting new people, socialising, comedy (stand-up as well as sketch shows) meaningful movies (without sounding old they don’t make them like they used to!)


Children (can only handle them in small doses) animals (not all just some don’t see the point in pets unless they can entertain or have another use) some people (ignorant, arrogant etc you the kind you would find on the Jeremy Kyle show)