Kent DuChaine

Minnesota-born Kent DuChaine has travelled the United States for 40 years, pursuing the solo blues life, but he has also been associated with many of the blues greats of a previous generation – in Kent’s blues we are still in touch with the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. He was part of the Smithsonian Institute Festival on the theme of The Roots of Rhythm & Blues: The Robert Johnson Era which led to a Grammy-nominated album in the company of Johnny Shines, Robert JR Lockwood, Honeyboy Edwards and Henry Townsend. In 1989 he came across the great Johnny Shines in Alabama and the two travelled together for three years, recording a WC Handy award-winning album, also featuring Snooky Pryor. For the last 20 years Kent has spent much of his time travelling to and from Europe where he has notched up nearly 100 tours.

Kent appears at 9pm at The Jam House on Tuesday 9th, free before 9pm.