Brum Beat: Live At The Barrel Organ LP


Recorded live over the course of one week at legendary Birmingham venue The Barrel Organ. Featuring a mix of New Wave, Ska and Rhythm and Blues from local legends The Quads and Willy & The Poorboys, plus future T’Pau vocalist Carol Decker with The Lazers.


Double LP, dispatched in mint condition with free postage to UK addresses.




Track Listing

  1. Bright Eyes: The Lonely Ones
  2. Bright Eyes: Casablanca
  3. The Lazers: Headache
  4. The Lazers: Rivet
  5. Willy & The Poorboys: My Babe
  6. Willy & The Poorboys: Hoy Hoy Hoy
  7. The Quads: When Everything Is Said & Done
  8. The Quads: Wonders Never Cease
  9. Rockers: It Takes A Thief
  10. Speed Limit: Alright On The Night
  11. Speed Limit: CJ
  12. Dansette Damage: All Little Girls Taste The Same
  13. Dansette Damage: Invaders
  14. Mayday: Moving In Time
  15. Mayday: Standing On The Edge Of The World
  16. Dangerous Girls: Demolition
  17. Playthings: Sally Daydream
  18. The Thrillers: To The Top
  19. The Thrillers: Breakout
  20. Spoonfull: On Your Trail
  21. Spoonfull: Nine Til Five
  22. Eclipse: Enjoy Yoursef