The Quads: There Must Be Thousands


‘There Must Be Thousands,’ the debut record release of Birmingham band The Quads was John Peel’s Single of the Decade. His consistent support on his now-legendary radio show was largely responsible for the record reaching Number 66 on the UK Charts in 1979. In 2001, he still listed it as one of his all-time favourite records.

With its blistering rallying cry against the establishment “The world’s a changing place, your views are history” in this era of global crisis, economic collapse and authoritarian leaders, Big Bear Records, the original UK indie label, decided that once again, “There must be thousands who will look at you, the things you do, and tell you that you’re wrong”.

So we unearthed the small number of remaining copies of the original 7” single, and made it available here for punk and new wave fans to add to their collections. Get ’em before they’re gone!

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Sold as new and unplayed in white paper sleeve. Price includes UK delivery.