Alan Barnes All Stars: The Marbella Jazz Suite


Eight piece swing band with Britain’s leading jazz musicians

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The jazz festivals of Marbella in Spain and Birmingham in England formed a hermandad or brotherhood, so nothing was more natural than for Big Bear Records to commission Alan Barnes to write and arrange a new piece of music based on Marbella and donated to that city. As invariably happens, carried away by enthusiasm for the project, we decided to form a veritable dream band. Amazingly all the first-choice musicians were available – or made themselves so. Not surprisingly it all sounded so good it had to be recorded.


Jim Simpson



Track Listing

  1. Serenade To An Anchovy
  2. Dama de Noche
  3. La Faraona
  4. Joe Church Blues
  5. Orange Square Dance
  6. Alameda Shuffle
  7. California Fish Fry
  8. What’d You Say Last Night To Freddie Green

Musicians featured

Alan Barnes (Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)

Bruce Adams (Trumpet)

Simon Gardner (Trumpet and Flugel)

Alex Garnett (Tenor Saxophone)

Mark Nightingale (Trombone)

John Donaldson (Piano)

Matt Miles (Double Bass)

Ralph Salmins (Drums)

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