King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys: Hey Puerto Rico


Catalogue number BEARCD46

What does the title ‘King Pleasure’ evoke? In this context it suggests eating, drinking, spending money, chasing chicks, having a good time, overdoing it more than somewhat and explaining the events of the night before to the judge on the morning after. All apt topics for song and celebration, especially in these grim times. So much pop music nowadays is full of anger and violence on the one hand, and slack-jawed stupidity on the other, and so much contemporary jazz is excessively earnest and glum, that we are in urgent need of music that comes with a cheer-up guarantee. That is exactly what King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys unfailingly deliver.

They’re the genuine article, in  full working order, dedicated to shaking you up and swinging you into the middle of next week. They’ve got King Pleasure’s inimitable stogies – and – bourbon voice, they’ve got a roaring band sound that comes at you like the Wabash Cannonball, and above all they’ve got that beat. In the words of the immortal Lord Buckley ‘Rhythm is the key to everything – runs the whole swingin’ thing’.

Dave Gelly

Track Listing

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Bring It On Baby
  3. Back To Birmingham
  4. The Wrong Door
  5. Hush Now
  6. Barracuda
  7. Don’t Leave Me Baby
  8. Blues From The Booze
  9. Big Girl
  10. Trapped In The Web Of Love
  11. All Or Nothing
  12. Blow Her Hot
  13. Just One Drink
  14. Walkin’ With Mr Lee

Musicians featured

King Pleasure ( Vocals & Baritone Saxophone)

Boysie Battrum (Alto & Tenor Saxophone)

Bullmoose K Shirley (Guitar)

Mighty Matt Foundling (Piano)

Shark Van Schtoop (Double Bass)

Dangerous Dave Wilkes (Drums)