2019 British Jazz Awards Results Announced!

2019 British Jazz Awards Results Announced!

After a record 8200 jazz fans voted in this year’s British Jazz Awards, we’re now able to reveal who were the winners and runners up in each of the 16 categories in the 33rd edition:


  1. Enrico Tomasso
  2. Ryan Quigley
  3. Bruce Adams
  4. Henry Lowther
  5. Quentin Collins


  1. Mark Nightingale
  2. Ian Bateman
  3. Dennis Rollins
  4. Chris Dean
  5. Adrian Fry


  1. Julian Marc Stringle
  2. Alan Barnes
  3. Adrian Cox
  4. Pete Long
  5. Mark Crooks

Alto Sax

  1. Alan Barnes
  2. Soweto Kinch
  3. Derek Nash
  4. Paul Towndrow
  5. Alexander Bone

Tenor Sax

  1. Karen Sharp
  2. Robert Fowler
  3. Art Themen
  4. Leo Richardson
  5. Dean Masser


  1. Jim Mullen
  2. Nigel Price
  3. Martin Taylor
  4. Dominic Ashworth
  5. Deirdre Cartwright


  1. David Newton
  2. Nikki Iles
  3. Leon Greening
  4. Fergus McCreadie
  5. Tom Kincaid

Double Bass

  1. Dave Green
  2. Alec Dankworth
  3. Alison Rayner
  4. Andrew Cleyndert
  5. Tom Farmer


  1. Steve Brown
  2. Clark Tracey
  3. Winston Clifford
  4. James Maddren
  5. Gaz Hughes


  1. Sara Dowling
  2. Claire Martin
  3. Georgia Mancio
  4. Ian Shaw
  5. Chris Dean

Miscellaneous Instrument

  1. Courtney Pine (soprano sax)
  2. Jim Hart (vibes)
  3. Ross Stanley (organ)
  4. Theon Cross (tuba)
  5. Ben Holder (violin)

Rising Star

  1. Alex Clarke
  2. Xhosa Cole
  3. Luca Manning
  4. Harrison Dolphin
  5. Flo Moore

Small Group

  1. Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen
  2. Nigel Price Organ Trio
  3. Clark Tracey Quintet
  4. Ezra Collective
  5. Leo Richardson Quartet

Big Band

  1. Echoes of Ellington
  2. Gareth Lockrane Big Band
  3. Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
  4. NYJO
  5. Syd Lawrence Orchestra

Best New Album

  1. Woodville Records for Alan Barnes: Plus Eleven
  2. Stunt Records for Claire Martin and Jim Mullen: Bumpin’
  3. Diving Duck Recordings for Jim Mullen: Volunteers
  4. ACT Music for Gwylim Simcock: Near and Now
  5. Ubuntu Music for Leo Richardson Quartet: Move

Best Re-issue Album

  1. Rhythm & Blues Records for Soho Scene ’59-60
  2. ECM Records for John Surman: The Amazing Adventures of Simon Simon
  3. Acrobat Music for The Nat Gonella Collection 1930-62
  4. Decca Records for Tubby Hayes: Grits, Beans & Greens
  5. Discus Music for Keith Tippett: The Unlonely Raindancer

In addition to the four musicians, bands or albums shortlisted by our nomination panel ahead of the public vote, we’re pleased to include those receiving the most “write in” votes in their respective categories among the runners up.

A massive thanks to our nomination panel, all those who voted and helped spread the word, and most of all the musicians and labels for continuing to keep jazz alive and well and allowing us to enjoy this great music.