The Winners of the 28th British Jazz Awards are announced today across the 12 solo instrument categories, two sections for bands and two trade awards to record companies.

Known as the Jazz Oscars, The British Jazz Awards have been presented every year since 1987 and have long been established as the most important jazz awards in this country.

A total of 53,738 votes were cast by 3822 voters, with the most votes for a winning musician in any category going to Mark Nightingale who won Best Trombone with 1423 votes.

The process begins with the Nomination Panel of 20 jazz professionals, who independently put forward four names in each category. The four with the most votes in each category are announced as The Nominations and put to the popular vote, along with the opportunity for each voter to insert the name of any musician he may prefer outside the nominated four.

Voting takes place both in printed form, email and online.

A full list of this year’s winners is available here: British Jazz Awards 2014 Winners