Nomy Rosenberg Trio



Catalogue number BEARCD49


Nomy Rosenberg is the heir to a tradition many times older than jazz itself. Unlike many present-day Sinti artists, who make a point of distancing themselves from the Django tradition, Nomy is happy to work within it. Even so he could never be described as an imitator. His style is unmistakably his own, with a sparkling technique and immense rhythmic drive. Having literally grown up with a guitar in his hands, he makes it all sound deceptively easy, even casual. Every single note of Nomy’s comes out crisp and clean, as though he had all the time in the world.

Dave Gelly


Track Listing

  1. Swing 48
  2. My Bossa
  3. Lulu Swing
  4. All Of Me
  5. Claire de Lune
  6. Summertime
  7. Topsy
  8. Miro Tata Mimer
  9. My Melancholy Baby
  10. Si Tu Savais
  11. Out Of Nowhere/Hungaria
  12. Reily
  13. Santana
  14. Notu Swing
  15. Them There Eyes

Musicians featured

Nomy Rosenberg – Guitar

Ringo Steinbach – Guitar

Arnoud Van Den Berg – Double Bass

Jelle Van Tongeren – Violin