Lady Sings The Blues


Catalogue number BEARCD33

What the album tries to do is to evoke the feeling, not the notes, of the small group jazz of a generation ago and I would say that here and there come moments when what is happening might even be a shade better than what was played all those years ago.

To hear all these pieces sung in a manner faithful to the originals and yet individual in its own way is to be plunged back into a period in jazz history when even the most advanced instrumentalists had not divorced themselves by their own virtuosity from the mainstream of day-to-day life.

Benny Green

Track Listing

  1. Eeny Meeny Miny Mo
  2. What Shall I Say?
  3. One, Two, Button Your Shoe
  4. I’ll Never Be The Same
  5. How Could You?
  6. Am I Blue?
  7. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
  8. Miss Brown To You
  9. On The Sentimental Side
  10. It’s Easy To Blame The Weather
  11. It’s Funny That Way
  12. If Dreams Come True
  13. Lover Man
  14. Just One of Those Things
  15. Easy Living
  16. You Can Depend On Me
  17. Don’t Explain
  18. Riffin’ The Scotch

Musicians featured

Val Wiseman (Vocal)

Digby Fairweather (Trumpet/Cornet/ Flugelhorn)

Roy Williams (Trombone)

Al Gay (Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet)

Brian Lemon (Piano)

Jim Douglas (Guitar)

Len Skeat (Double Bass)

Eddie Taylor (Drums)

Available digitally and on LP