A PArtial List of Bands Who Played Henry’s Blueshouse


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Alexis Korner John Hammond Jr
Angus Judas Priest
Anno Domini Jude
Arthur Big Boy Crudup Kansas Hook
Bakerloo [Blues Line] King Biscuit Boy
Barabas Larry Johnson
Barclay James Harvest Lightnin’ Slim
BB Blunder Locomotive
Beggars Opera Mainland Dreamboat
Black Sabbath Man
Blonde on Blonde Mark Almond
Brewers Droop Medicine Head
Bronco Mighty Baby
Budgie Mogul Thrash
Carol Grimes with Uncle Dog Open Road
Champion Jack Dupree Open Country
Chicken Shack Paladin
Clarke Hutchinson The Pahanna
Colin Staples Blues Band Patto
Creation Pete Brown & Piblokto
Curtis Jones Rainbow
Dando Shaft Reverend Gary Davis
Duster Bennett Road
Earth Robert Plant
Eddie Guitar Burns Rock Rebellion
Flying Hat Band Roger Ruskin Spear & His Kinetic Wardrobe with Thunderclap Newman
Fred Athens Wood Rory Gallagher and Taste
Gasoline Satisfaction
Gass Shuffling Hungarians
Gerry Lockran Shy Wolf
Ginger Simon Prager & Steve Rye
Glen Cornick’s Wild Turkey Skin Alley
Good Habit Son House
Gracious Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Gravy Train Spider John Koerner
Groundhogs Stackridge
Gypsy Status Quo
Hannibal Tea & Symphony
Help Yourself Ten Years After
Home The Dog That Bit People
Idle Race Thin Lizzy
Indian Summer Trapeze
J.B. Hutto UFO
James Litherland & Million Ulysses
Jameson Raid Village
Jellybread Walrus Gumboot
Jethro Tull Warhorse
Jimmy Fastfingers Dawkins Whispering Smith
John Bonham White Rabbit
John Cleary Zoot Money