Bruce Adams/Alan Barnes Quintet: Let’s Face The Music


Catalogue number BEARCD40

I still get a little shock of surprise and delight whenever I hear Bruce Adams and Alan Barnes doing their stuff. It can’t be because their music is ‘challenging’ or ‘an exciting synthesis of genres’ or anything of that sort. It is perfectly clear what they are up to, which is playing bebop and its close relatives. I remain surprised and delighted because they do it, not only amazingly well, but with such enormous relish.

There is something inherently exciting about the sound of trumpet and alto saxophone playing headlong lines in unison, but they manage to make it more exciting than usual by the way they attack the phrases. Listen to the opening chorus of Hollywood Stampede for a prime example.

Dave Gelly

Track Listing

  1.  Let’s Face The Music And Dance
  2. Blowing With Bruce
  3. Cool Heights
  4. Come Back To Bed
  5. Give A Little Whistle
  6. When It’s Sleepytime Down South
  7. Instep
  8. Rosie B
  9. Cubicle
  10. The Thrill Is Gone
  11. Raincheck
  12. Hollywood Stampede

Musicians featured

Bruce Adams (Trumpet)

Alan Barnes (Alto Saxophone)

Brian Dee (Piano)

Len Skeat ( Double Bass)

Bobby Orr (Drums)