British Jazz Awards 2017 Results Announced

After receiving over 5000 votes, we are now pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 British Jazz Awards!

Now in their 31st year, the British Jazz Awards are the only poll that gives jazz lovers up and down the country the chance to vote on who their favourite musicians, bands and albums have been in the last 12 months.

In addition to the public vote, each year an award is given for Services To British Jazz. This year’s goes to Chris Barber, for keeping a full touring band on the road for nearly 70 years!

The results are as follows:

Winner: Freddie Gavita
2nd Place: Laura Jurd
3rd Place: Enrico Tomasso
4th Place: Bruce Adams
5th Place: Steve Fishwick

Winner: Mark Nightingale
2nd Place: Denis Rollins
3rd Place: Ian Bateman
4th Place: Adrian Fry
5th Place: Andrew Mackenzie

Winner: Alan Barnes
2nd Place: Pete Long
3rd Place: Julian Marc Stringle
4th Place: Mark Crooks
5th Place: Shabaka Hutchings

Alto Sax
Winner: Soweto Kinch
2nd Place: Alan Barnes
3rd Place: Nigel Hitchcock
4th Place: Derek Nash
5th Place: Sam Mayne

Tenor Sax
Winner: Karen Sharp
2nd Place: Alex Garnett
3rd Place: Art Themen
4th Place: Robert Fowler
5th Place: Tommy Smith

Winner: Nikki Iles
2nd Place: Dave Newton
3rd Place: Zoe Rahman
4th Place: Gareth Williams
5th Place: Craig Milverton

Winner: Martin Taylor
2nd Place: Remi Harris
3rd Place: Nigel Price
4th Place: Jim Mullen
5th Place: Mike Walker

Double Bass
Winner: Alec Dankworth
2nd Place: Dave Green
3rd Place: Simon Thorpe
4th Place: Andrew Cleyndert
5th Place: Calum Gourlay

Winner: Clark Tracey
2nd Place: Winston Clifford
3rd Place: Steve Brown
4th Place: Matt Home
5th Place: Alyn Cosker

Miscellaneous Instrument
Winner: Ross Stanley (Organ)
2nd Place: Karen Sharp (Baritone Saxophone)
3rd Place: Alan Barnes (Baritone Saxophone)
4th Place: Jim Hart (Vibraphone)
5th Place: Amy Roberts (Flute)

Winner: Clare Teal
2nd Place: Tina May
3rd Place: Claire Martin
4th Place: Georgia Mancio
5th Place: Brigitte Beraha

Rising Star
Winner: Rory Ingham (Trombone)
2nd Place: Alexandra Ridout (Trumpet)
3rd Place: Nubya Garcia
4th Place: Camilla George
5th Place: Fergus McCreadie

Big Band
Winner: Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
2nd Place: NYJO
3rd Place: Echoes of Ellington
4th Place: Beats & Pieces
5th Place: Gareth Lockrane Big Band

Small Group
Winner: Nigel Price Organ Trio
2nd Place: Digby Fairweathers Half Dozen
3rd Place: Tipitina
4th Place: Brandon Allen Six
5th Place: Remi Harris Trio

New Album
Winner: Woodville Records: “The Lowest Common Denominator” – Gilad Atzmon/Alan Barnes
2nd Place: JVG Productions: “It’s Always 9:30 in Zog” – Dave O’Higgins
3rd Place: Explore Records: “Golden Moments” – Bruce Adams/Craig Milverton
4th Place: Gearbox Records: “Journey to the Mountain of Forever” – Binker & Moses
5th Place: Whirlwind Recordings: “Fistfight At The Barndance” – Gareth Lockrane Big Band

Reissue Album
Winner: Lake Records: “Dusts off the Archives” – Humphrey Lyttelton
2nd Place: Rhythm and Blues Records: “The Songbook.” – Harry South
3rd Place: Harkit Records: “Change of Setting” – Tubby Hayes & Paul Gonsalves
4th Place: Acrobat Music: “Helter Skelter” – Joe Harriott
5th Place: Miles Music: “After The Rain” – Alan Skidmore