Tuesday 22nd July

"England, Birmingham, 22-07-14The Potato Head Jazz Band take a sunny break on the canal

Tuesday was a blisteringly hot day, and the jazz was apt as ever with some blistering acts. The Potato Head Jazz Band provided their usual panache at St. Paul’s Churchyard in the glorious sunshine, while people taking their lunch breaks could enjoy Birmingham’s own Bostin Brass at Birmingham Cathedral Grounds.

"England, Birmingham, 22-07-14Giedre Kilciauskiene Jazz Miniatures play on both sides of the doors in the Hagley Road Village

In the Hagley Road Village, Giedre Kilciauskiene could be found serenading the audience, while later on The Jazz Ramblers were doing the same to the commuters at Snow Hill Station Square. For those fancying a bit of guitar, Remi Harris was back at Don Diego providing a variety of gypsy jazz, while the Whisky Brothers added a bit of punch to the otherwise serene Wednesbury Library. What is sure is that the variety of music available proved that jazz can be accessible to all music tastes!

Later in the evening, the uniquely-named Elvis Fontenot & The Sugar Bees added a new take on jazz in the Lord Clifden with what they have coined ‘Swamp ‘n’ roll’: a mixture of cajun, zydeco, soul and blues. So, it seems that Jazz Tuesday was Variety Tuesday!

Also, our friend Iban Gonzalez from Bilbao in Spain has been doing a blog on the Jazz Festival, so check it out:


And he also filmed a couple dancing away in the Brasshouse to the Potato Head Jazz Band, watch it, it’s a real treat!