The Magnolia Sisters

The Magnolia Sisters 5

“These ladies are not only gifted musicians but trusted folklorists who are keeping their traditions alive.”
-Billboard Magazine

The Magnolia Sisters are a band consisting of four women who can play the whole gamut of musical styles from southwest LouisianaCajun, Creole, dancehall favourites, and front porch ballads. Because of their many rhythmic styles they are loved by dancers, who marvel at the variety of fun grooves they play.

They each switch from one instrument to another during their shows, with accordionfiddles and guitars at the fore. A musical evening with the Magnolia Sisters is a fun and enriching experience as they explain the meanings of the songs, move between accordion two-steps, twin fiddle tunes, heavy bass Creole hits, dancehall standards and a cappella ballads. Their CD Stripped Down (Arhoolie Records) was nominated for a Grammy in 2010.

See them during the 2014 Birmingham International Jazz Festival:

Saturday 26th July – 19:00 – Botanical Gardens – £15