Yue Yang


Job Role: Marketing, promotion, international liaison, festival management and coordination, editorial. Attend Midem annually [world's most important music business convention, held in Cannes, France]. At Big Bear since November 2005

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Studied BSc. Economics at Liaoning University in China.

Came to University of Birmingham to study Msc Accounting and Finance.

Joined Big Bear Music in a temporary capacity and stayed.

Trained as a classical Chinese dancer since age 7.

Listen to jazz, swing, blues, Rock and Roll, Soul, Raggie, Gospel, musicals of the golden age, Chanson, Flamenco, Shanghai Jazz Song-list and classical music.

Enjoys jitterbug and swing dance, BBC drama, French and Spanish movies and modern European history.

I have established a Chinese Sina blog to share my experience of jazz, interesting music, movies, musician’s life stories, books, BBC dramas, travelling experience and culture events with Chinese people. Visited over 9000 times to date. http://blog.sina.com.cn/showbusiness