The Folks That Brought You...Ozzy Osbourne International Airport

Imagine our surprise over the festive season, when halfway through polishing off yet another box of Quality Street, we saw that our call for Birmingham airport to be renamed in honour of Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne had found a taker


Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath in action


We spent the following day scooping our collective jaw off the floor as The Mirror, The Star, BBC News, Sky News and Sky Sports all carried items. But soon we were recieving phone calls requesting interviews from further afield, including USA Today, The Times Of India, The New Zeland Herald and De Telegraaf.


Jim Simpson of Big Bear Records originally discovered Black SAbbath and managed them through their most productive period, losing them the week that the single 'Paranoid' was number 2 on the chart, the album 'Paranoid' number 1 and their first album 'Black Sabbath' coming back onto the chart at 16.


Could it really happen? Well, at this early stage in negotiations, all we can say is watch this space.