Chick Willis

Chick Willis

A veritable legend of the blues, Chick Willis, ‘The Stoop Down Man’, was born in Cabiness, Georgia, and still lives in the State. Early influences included Little Milton, T-Bone Walker and Sam ‘Lightnin’ Hopkins, but his career really took off when he worked with his cousin Chuck Willis until the latter’s death in 1958. Since then Chick Willis, a superb guitarist and singer who also plays drums, keyboards, harmonica and bass, has garnered awards and honours from every possible source. A brief sample includes Living Blues Awards’ Best Live Performer of 2006, the award of honorary citizenship of Kansas City, Missouri, and the Jus’ Blues T-Bone Walker Award (twice).

‘Chick ‘Stoop Down’ Willis is the most interesting guitarist in contemporary R&B. There’s a friendliness, a neighbourliness, to the playing. As Willis has aged, his mastery of the blues has come to the forefront.’ – Daddy B. Nice

Click on the image below for something to raise the spirits on a gloomy morning (or any other time, for that matter)

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