The Sambuca Diaries

Starting in Summer 2009, a few musicians were desperate for the chance to perform together after becoming too old to continue in their youth music a certain bass player got some music, got those musicians together as well as a few extra, and created a full 16 piece traditional big band for a one off last performance together. They hired the function room of O'Neill's on Broad Street and ticketed their first gig.
Amazingly friends and family spread the word and the night was an amazing success. A few days later O'Neill's asked the band to play on a Sunday night in the main bar...and Sambuca Diaries have performed there every month since!
The band has now performed around the country, in various bars and theatres, private functions, weddings, outdoor gigs, and in well known live music venues around Birmingham and Wolverhampton.
Sambuca Diaries have done three studio recording sessions which led to the release of an EP and a first album Served Flaming which went on digital sale in 2012. The band is completely independent, and would not survive without the dedicated work of all its musicians.

Sambuca Diaries play O'Neills Broad Street at 8:30pm on Sunday 7th