The Potato Head Jazz Band [Spain]

The Potato Head Jazz Band from Granada in Spain consists of six musicians from around the world and has performed in many notable jazz clubs and festivals. The All-Spanish rhythm section is Patricio Caparros (bass), Antonio Fernandez (banjo) and Jaime Parrizas (drums), with a front line of Alberto Martin (Spain) on trumpet, Martin Torres (Argentina) on clarinet and Andrew Lynch (Australia) on tenor sax. Their most recent album, This is not New Orleans... has been welcomed with high critical and popular acclaim. The band’s live shows are full of energy, highly participative, with the origins and influences of each musician coming through very clearly.

The Potato Head Jazz Band play The Mailbox at 12:30pm and The Junction at 6pm on Sunday 7th and Snow Hill Square at 12pm, Church Street Square at 5pm and the Lord Clifden at 7:30pm on Monday 8th