Sheep Got Waxed [Lithuania]

An exciting young band from Vilnius, Lithuania, Sheep Got Waxed is a trio based on current and former LMTA (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre) jazz department students: sax player Simonas Sipavicius [Simon Sheep], drummer Adas Gecevicius [Ed Getz] and guitarist Paulius Vaskas [Paul Wax]. In 2011 Sheep Got Waxed performed at various local festivals and clubs, participated in the youth bands competition Garazas 2011 and won the Audience Award. In the summer the trio travelled around Europe, played in different cities and appeared as a street musicians. The highpoint of the journey was an appearance at the Cosmo Jazz Festival in France. In the autumn they returned to Lithuania and won the Grand Prix at the Vilnius Jazz Young Power competition.

Sheep Got Waxed appear at The Brasshouse at 5pm on Friday 5th, at The Mailbox at 12:30pm and The Arcadian at 6pm on Saturday 6th.