Matt Palmer's Millenium Eagle Jazz Band

The Midlands-based Millennium Eagle Jazz Band emerged as a direct result of the demise in 2005 of the very popular Eagle Jazz Band, formed by Ken Ingram and Bob Smith in 1951. Matt Palmer had recently folded his Millennium Jazz Band to join the Eagles, so it was thought appropriate to include ‘Millennium’ in the name of the new band. The band’s wide repertoire includes popular songs of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, classic jazz compositions by the likes of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton and New Orleans blues, stomps and marches.

Matt Palmer's Millenium Eagle appears at 12:30pm at The Mall, Sutton Coldfield on Monday 8th. Matt Palmer also appears with The Backyard Music Boys at 12pm at Birmingham Cathedral Grounds and 5pm at Church Street Square on Tuesday 9th and at 11am at Birmingham Markets on Friday 12th.