The Indigo Kings

The Indigo Kings was formed in early 2011 by the band’s bass player and lyrical mastermind, Carl, with nothing but a War and Peace-sized catalogue of scribbled words about love lost and found and an empty barn with a resident polystyrene alligator. He formed a dedicated 7 piece band of talented musicians and begun wading through his back catalogue of songs. After many gigs and a whole lot of whittling down, an album was released in January 2012, which went to #2 on the Amazon jazz download chart.

The music is primarily a mix of ‘vintage pop’, jazzy blues and swing. Not tied to a specific genre, the combination of 7 people’s influences and styles makes for an exciting blend of sounds; some are jazzy piano-based songs, some have bluesy guitar riffs. Add the soaring sax, funky bass and jazz drummer, then not one, but two female lead singers give the sound something completely different.

The Indigo Kings appear at 2pm at The Botanical Gardens on Sunday 14th. Admisison to the gardens is £7, concessions £4.75