Giedre Kilciauskiene & Andrej Polevikov Quartet

Giedre, who is well-known to wide audiences in Lithuania and abroad as the lead vocalist of hip and extremely popular electro-punk bands Milky Lasers and Empty for some years, recently is often heard singing jazz and bossa nova in acoustic settings. She has a marvellous voice of unique sweet timbre, bright and wide palette, perfect pitch and controlled power, but there is something more that makes her perfomances so memorable and emotionally valid – intelligence and good taste. These are the secrets which make all her perfomances feel right.



Pianist and arranger Andrej Polevikov, working with Giedre, is truly enjoying the possibilities of her voice and all the benefits of fruitful and enriching collaboration. Being an admirer of traditional jazz and classic standard repertoire, Andrej fills the arrangements of well-known melodies with much space for improvisation and keeps the natural swing feeling while Giedre brings a special modern colour. The creative development of this union is remarkable and makes the audiences look forward to more.

Giedre and Andrej appear at 12:30pm at The Brasshouse on Tuesday 9th, 5pm at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse on Wednesday 10th and 7:30pm at The Lord Clifden on Thursday 11th.