The Brownfield Byrne Hot Six

Former bebop purists Jamie Brownfield and Liam Byrne have now turned their attentions to earlier jazz styles taking inspiration from Bix and Tram rather than Bird and Dizzy. Their new band, the Hot 6, formed in time for the 2012 Birmingham festival, plays the kind of jazz that really swings and doesn't give you a headache. Featuring a rhythm section including such luminaries as Tom Kincaid, Andy Hulme, Jim Swinnerton and Jack Cotterill, they play classic jazz, as in everything from New Orleans through the Tin Pan Alley classics, the swing era, and mainstream jazz recalling the classic small groups of the 1930's.

Jamie has a prodigiously broad style running the gamut of jazz trumpet while Liam has a growing reputation as a torchbearer of the jazz tenor saxophone tradition, inspired by the likes of Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins. Tom is one of the UK's foremost jazz pianists with an infectious style in the mould of Erroll Garner and Oscar Peterson, and Andy's playing reflects the roots of jazz guitar, echoing Charlie Christian and Freddy Green. The band is completed by Jim and Jack's energetic rhythm playing.

Appearing at The Brasshouse, 12:30pm and The Hyatt Regency Hotel 6:30pm on Monday 8th